Installation and Commissioning ( I & C)
Sunflower has the reputation of being highly skilled installed and commissioning expert for all the advanced and as well as old power systems for the BTS Sites. All aspects of project Management including logistics delivery of equipment warehouse, site survey ,pre installation planning & installation & commissioning of are done with effective care ,Acceptance testing thru the customer and customer designated agency are coordinated & that completes the process of I&C of an equipment . Installation and Commissioning operates through comprehensive organization reporting & monitoring by the management and technicians at Sunflower clear communication definitive role & responsibilities combined with the support of cutting edge technologies to ensure that the project is implemented smoothly. Our comprehensive range of Product Services include Installation and commissioning of equipment viz AMF, PIU, PMU IPMU ,IPMS SPS,SMPS DG, AC AND BATTERY etc Annual Maintenance Services of any Power Management products covering Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance Spares etc. Indoor and Outdoor Conversion of PIU/PMU. Development plans for long term operational needs.
Fault Repair
Effective fault repair from Sunflower through the RRR policies ensures that all the products and Customer site infrastructure performs well without any interruptions. We perform routine preventive maintenance checks periodically to minimize the faults. Our Corrective Maintenance activity in the event of product failure cover detailed diagnostic of the product fault identification and rectification at site .The technicians and engineers are equipped with relevant & Sufficient spares to replace the faulty once at site to minimize the done time
Sunflower Offers AMC Services for its any products two of AMC are offered. Comprehensive maintenance. Non Comprehensive maintenance. Strategic services including installation, commissioning and maintenance of any product is done through the expertise of an excellent professional team. AMC for any products ensure that there is no interruption in product performance .We offer end to end Services for the telecom and solar infrastructure.
Key deliverables in AMC are:
Periodical Preventive Maintenance visits
Corrective Maintenance in care of fault
24/7 trouble ticket logging
On –site maintenance
Off site online technical Support
Emergency response for major issues
Faulty module or parts replacement
Help desk